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Water Tanks at Home

Cubas de Agua  EL MONIN Provides drinking water for swimming pools, wells, reservoirs, polyester tanks, irrigation, etc., at home in Elche and surroundings (See Zones sending location by WhatsApp or E-mail)
  100% quality water for your swimming pool, cistern, well, reservoir, and not for irrigation or the well (with the danger to public health) is safe. Our tanks are the largest in terms of quantity 12000 liters and 15000 liters (Real), check it out and you will save money.
Do not be fooled with irrigation water or birth wells, or with the liters that are discharged, our company is the first to supply water in the Elche field, since 1967 at your service, consult our drinking water prices without obligation.

(Price varies according to location)
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